About i business park

i business park
I-Business Park; the first three towers in the New Administrative Capital city with Emirati experience, an innovative project with world-class standards on the Egyptian lands. The Project is composed of three towers; each tower will consist of 20 floors.

The project was designed to be three different towers, connected indirectly through bridges to guarantee privacy for each tower and facilitate the management of each tower.

The three towers are distinguished with a 360-degree view of the most touristy and charming places; the Green River, The Iconic Tower, and the presidential palace to promise you with an unprecedented green view making it a source of both your inspirations and aspirations.



Myriad of opportunities

Being the first business park in the area, I-Business Park is a myriad of opportunities. Boldly speaking success, the investment hub is a one-stop destination, combining vital ingredients such as business, retail, medical, and leisure to cater to the ever-changing needs of contemporary lifestyles.


I-Business Park Our brand name defines the identity of our project. The highlighted I refers to Innovation and smart buildings, investment, internationalization, smart buildings, technology, and number on in the Latin language, which means our top-tier project.



Why I-Business Park?

The First fully integrated business Park designed on the latest ultra-modern architecture with classiness in our hearts promoted with exceptional facilities and amenities and strategic location.

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